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I finished my undergraduate education.

My hero, Nelson Mandela, died.

In the last course of my undergraduate career I told a class full of people my darkest secret.

I almost got sexually assaulted, but got away in the nick of time.

I haven’t mentally addressed these things yet.


The goal is to …

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The goal is to find a way to make as much money as possible without spending so much time working while still doing something you love. Fortunately, I’m doing that.”
– Prof. Bob Steele


To Do List

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1. Scan job postings

2. Consider a crappy position that will hopefully lead to a dream job

3. Apply to said position even though it’s in Los Angeles

4. Get writer’s block while crafting the cover letter

5. Pray…to G-d, Allah, Yahweh (cover your bases)

6. Type a crappy cover letter and send it off anyway (recruiters barely read them)

7. Exercise/relieve stress

8. Eat

9. Drink

10. Sleep

11. Wake up and do it all over again…until you get the call for an interview

12. Ace the Skype interview

13. Get the job

14. Worry about moving to the other side of the country

15. Try finding affordable and safe housing – fail

16. Try buying a car – somewhat successful

17. Pray

18. Graduate

19. Move back home (not in Los Angeles)

20. Make it work


‘Rents Due

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Parents weekend serves as the epitome of the statement: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. No matter how a student dresses, whether they are draped in Urban Outfitters or Vineyard Vines, everyone knows where their sense of entitlement comes from.

Parents are crazy and so are their kids.


The North Face

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I knew winter was coming when the squirrels looked larger than usual while fervently digging holes in the soccer turf.

I’ll see them when the sun shines again and the coat comes off for a while.