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To Do List

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1. Scan job postings

2. Consider a crappy position that will hopefully lead to a dream job

3. Apply to said position even though it’s in Los Angeles

4. Get writer’s block while crafting the cover letter

5. Pray…to G-d, Allah, Yahweh (cover your bases)

6. Type a crappy cover letter and send it off anyway (recruiters barely read them)

7. Exercise/relieve stress

8. Eat

9. Drink

10. Sleep

11. Wake up and do it all over again…until you get the call for an interview

12. Ace the Skype interview

13. Get the job

14. Worry about moving to the other side of the country

15. Try finding affordable and safe housing – fail

16. Try buying a car – somewhat successful

17. Pray

18. Graduate

19. Move back home (not in Los Angeles)

20. Make it work


Lessons I Learned At A Drake Concert

  1. It’s okay to be vocal about your emotions, just look good while you do it.
  2. Everyone loves a shout out, and everyone loves feeling special. Take the time to acknowledge those who support you.
  3. Regrets and missed opportunities are a fact of life. Learn from them and make them count for something. Drake made his regrets and emotions into songs that made him a young millionaire. (He’s a millionaire right?)
  4. If you go to a concert in late October when it’s freezing with hardly any clothes on and six-inch heels, you’ll get attention…the bad kind.
  5. People are willing to crash their cars into yours to get out of the parking lot two seconds quicker.
  6. Be present. You’re memories are better than Snapchats and videos. The quality sucks anyway and besides yourself, who’s actually going to look at your videos of concerts? That’s right no one!
  7. Make sure you’re sitting in a section that’s on risers if you’re not sitting in the front row. Especially if you’re 5’4″ (like me) and always end up sitting behind someone who’s tall with an afro or a top hat.
  8. If Drake (or any guy) calls you up on stage and sings to you, hugs you, kisses your forehead and sings “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, you better enjoy the hell out of that experience. Don’t be shy! Accept love and adoration. You deserve it.
  9. If Future gets to a point where he can headline a concert, don’t go. Save your money.
  10. If Miguel headlines a concert you should go. When he’s not flying into people’s heads with his testicles he’s a great performer.
  11. Men who communicate and are in touch with their emotions are better than those who claim to hate Drake because he’s soft but know all his songs and secretly go to his concerts. Yes, I’m talking about you.